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After trying almost all expensive weight loss treatments available, I finally gave a try to Oomph Nutrition as they sound very different & honest in terms of their offering. I am so happy to see the result & service levels from Oomph Nutrition. Their dietitian is extremely patient & good listener. Unlike other service providers where they are in hurry to throw their standard plan on you these people thoroughly understands your requirement & prepares a plan that works.

It’s complete value for money & I got really good information, easy to follow health regime making it really a worthy experience. Keep it up Oomph Team.

- Supriya Mane, 32 Years, Mumbai – Corporate executive who lost 3Kgs in 1 Month

Due to some medical problem I had tremendous problem in gaining weight. Doctors suggested gaining weight before starting a treatment. It’s extremely important that weight gain is healthy & doesn’t harm in future. Mrs.Mitalee Doshi with her Oomph Nutrition has been extremely supportive & flexible in terms of recommending a diet that worked for me. At all times my likes-dislikes were taken in to account. I feel much better in terms of energy levels.

- Alka Parikh, 47 Years, Mumbai – Housewife who gained healthy 4Kgs in 1.5 Months

Having hypothyroid & losing weight, seems extremely difficult task. The so called weight loss clinics who charged several thousands were out of option for me. With Oomph Nutrition I have lost 4 Kgs in 2 Months & achieved my ideal body weight. Moreover my problem with regards to constipation & flab around tummy has been addressed as well. I feel much better, Healthier.

This definitely changes the health perspective of my life. Keeping it simple, yet very effective.

- Vidya Khandagle, 29 Years, Mumbai – Home maker who lost 4Kgs in 2 Months.

Initially I wasn’t sure if online diet plan will work for me and was a little skeptical to be honest. As the plan progressed I was satisfied with the detailed plan that was offered, all the personal considerations & lifestyle factors were kept in mind while designing the plan, and multiple options were suggested for healthy eating and recipes. I am indeed feeling much lighter, confident and I have become health conscious and eating healthy has become a way of life. Thanks Oomph Nutrition for being very informative, patient with your clients. The online thing has worked very well as it became extremely convenient with E-consultation mode.

- Amit Khanna, 28 Years, Delhi – Corporate executive who lost 7Kgs in 3 Months.

I am so glad that I opted for this plan. I am feeling much lighter, more energetic and I am receiving compliments from fellow colleagues for looking much younger. The step by step process never made me feel that I was on diet, I was still eating enough meals on daily basis, I was given a wide choice and eating out options as well. Constant follow up and progress tracking from Oomph Nutrition dietitian ensured that I not only lose kgs but also inculcate healthy lifestyle approach and thus I quit smoking. Thanks for the honest work and complete value for money offering. Highly recommended!

- Deepak Tyagi, 33 years, Delhi – Working professional who lost 5.5Kgs in 2 Months.

I feel more energetic after having completed the program. I was suffering from hair fall which also seems to have been controlled to a great extent. I read about Oomph Nutrition in Economic times article and I wasn’t sure about online plan thing but still I decided to give it a try and I found that process followed at Oomph Nutrition is extremely professional & step by step, dietitian is extremely patient and creatively designs customized solutions for clients. The recipes shared were very healthy, simple and tasty. Oomph Nutrition has changed my perception on how to lead a healthy life. Thanks Mitalee Doshi for being so patient and co-operative. Thanks for bringing this positive change in me. Cheers!!

- Archana Puagalia, 36 years, Mumbai – Working professional who lost 5.6Kgs in 2 Months.

My first question to Oomph Nutrition was that I am a housewife and not too much tech savvy, so would this online weight loss plan work for me? After having completed my weight loss program with Oomph Nutrition I am completely confident and satisfied of such a wonderful service. I have a knee problem and I can’t exercise hence. Mitalee Doshi kept this in mind and designed a healthy weight loss plan that enabled me to lose 7Kgs in 2Months. I feel completely energetic; I was never put on crash diet and in-fact I never felt I was on diet with the wide food variety and eating options given. My cravings for sweets were well addressed and now I don’t feel an urge to hog on sweets.

Thanks Mitalee Doshi for helping me achieve my objective and changing the way I look at fitness. Good luck.

- A housewife from Mumbai, 50 years who lost 7Kgs in 2Months.

Complete flexibility and constant follow ups, SMS reminders were received, Instant response from dietitians for query resolution and complete satisfactory experience. Truly genuine and lifestyle changing product.

- A housewife from Mumbai, 59 years who lost 4.5Kgs in 2Months.

I am feeling so much energetic and fit. Diet was indeed made fun with fantastic recipes that we could try and enjoy with entire family. Completely healthy and natural experience.

- Noopur Agarwal from Noida, 30 years who lost 6.4Kgs in 3 Months.

Exercise video tutorial through online model was completely innovative approach to remain fit from home. Complete convenience and ease with which goal set was achieved.

- Shashikant, 43 years old businessman from Hyderabad who lost 3.2Kgs in 1 Month.

I took up this program just to give it a try for my long diabetic medical history and to my surprise discipline towards food and regulating it as per body requirement paid off. My knee pain almost vanished, sugar level improved and I felt really more energetic. I was very active and participating in my son’s wedding following month which I didn’t expect to be honest. Totally worth it and I am so humbled to dietitian Mitalee Doshi who was extremely supportive and patient to address all my concerns.

- Mrs.Geetha N, 61 years old housewife from Chennai enrolled for Medical care plan for her Diabetes problem.

My hair-fall problem has reduced drastically. I am having balanced meal throughout the day and my queries are addressed immediately. I have everything on the go and I don’t even need to take trouble of visiting nutrition clinic. It’s so much convenient and works best for a working woman like me. Kudos!

- 29 years old female business executive from Mumbai enrolled for Health Management plan

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