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Diabetes, Not so sweet affair

Diet control is an integral part of diabetes care and management. Food selection, preparation, portion size, timing of food consumption, activity adjustments influence diabetes management and achievement of set targets and individual goals.

At Oomph Nutrition, The main aim of our diet therapy is to help person with diabetes in making appropriate changes in their lifestyle both in their diet and exercise habits, which would lead to improved metabolic control.The diet will help reduce complications of diabetes by keeping blood sugar, lipids, blood pressure and body weight under control.


Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when eating gets tricky. Although we seem to be endlessly conscious of what we eat, what we weigh, and how we look, menopause brings a special attention to the importance of a healthy diet.Menopausal women are at increased risk of developing heart disease and osteoporosis Add to that a slowing metabolism and health risks that rise with age, it’s clear that we have to make every calorie count for something good. How do we set… At Oomph Nutrition we understand your needs & can handle the challenge with our expert knowledge.

High Blood Pressure, Stroke happens

Eating a heart-healthy diet is important for managing your blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart attack, heart disease, stroke and other diseases. High blood pressure has become a normal lifestyle condition amongst most of the city-bred people. It used to feature in the medical history of a person only after the age of 40. However, with increase in the pace of life and other lifestyle factors like stress, poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, younger people are falling prey to this disease.

People trying to control hypertension are often advised to decrease sodium, increase potassium, watch their calories, and maintain a reasonable weight. How does one do all of this? Our expert at Oomph Nutrition can customize plan for you.


Cholesterol is divided into a “good” and “bad” portion. Bad cholesterol, LDL, often deposits cholesterol in blood vessels which leads to heart disease. Good cholesterol, HDL, helps bring cholesterol away from the blood vessel wall. If your cholesterol is high, the first step of treatment is a diet with reduced saturated fat ,trans fat and cholesterol and increased fibre,omega 3 . Successful diet modification is more likely if changes are made in gradual states that you can maintain and continue to improve upon. Lowering your cholesterol may also involve weight loss, exercise, and control of diabetes and blood pressure. Despite their best efforts, some people’s cholesterol may remain high and your medication may need to be used to lower your cholesterol. Our Nutritionist will guide you through out the journey to help you achieve your goals.

Heart Disease, all for a healthy heart

Poor diet and physical inactivity, resulting in overweight and obesity, are the most common risk factors for heart disease. The role of diet and nutrition is influenced by a range of social, cultural, economic and physiological factors, including the available food supply and cost. Strategies to reduce weight involve changes to behaviour, physical activity, diet, and combinations of all three.

A heart-healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke by 80%, Contact us at Oomph Nutrition to discuss your difficulties & concerns & discover unlimited ways to keep you heart healthy.


As with virtually every bodily function, your diet plays a role in the health of your thyroid. There are some specific nutrients that your thyroid depends on and it’s important to include them in your diet Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) accounts for the majority of thyroid disease cases -- up to 80 percent according to some estimates. This condition occurs when your body produces too little thyroid hormone. If left untreated, hypothyroidism can lead to obesity, joint pain, infertility, goiter (thyroid enlargement) and heart disease, but because the symptoms can mimic other diseases, or even be attributed to aging, many people do not realize the thyroid connection.

Acidity and Digestion problems

Acidity is one of the most common problems faced by most of us, irrespective of age, thanks to the lifestyles we follow today. From the young to the old aged, all of us experience acidity, some in fact experience it severely and even on a daily basis. Acidity mainfests itself in different individuals in different ways, making them uncomfortable. Some feel a burning sensation in their stomach, chest, throat, while others feel a pain in the upper abdomen, stomach especially after one to four hours of a meal. Some get a sour, bitter taste in the mouth due to oral secretions, belching, a sensation of nausea, vomitting etc. There are some who lose their appetite, have a strong headache etc. Other associated problems of acidity are indigestion, constipation, gas, bloatedness, reflux etc. Major cause for all these problems is incorrect diet and lifestyle.

Weight Gain, Striking the Perfect

If your goal is to gain weight, it is very important to gain it in a healthy way .Weight gain happens when you consume more calories than you expend. Eating right type and right amount of food both are equally important for successful weight gain . The secret to healthy weight gain is to make all your calories as nutrient-rich as possible. Consuming more empty-calorie foods like soft drinks, sweets and fried is not a successful way to build muscle, strengthen bones. We will guide you to eat right food and modify your lifestyle so that you gain weight in a healthy way.

Pregnancy, A new life

These nine months in women’s life are the most beautiful and the most challenging months of your life. With your body undergoing a number of changes, you need to be extra careful about yourself as well as your surroundings. And watching your diet should on top of your list. It is of utmost importance to have a well balanced diet and gain right amount of weight which depends on the pre-pregnancy weight. During pregnancy, a woman’s nutrition directly influences the development of fetus and long term health of the mother and child .Getting your diet right for pregnancy is more about what you eat than about how much. .A pregnant mother should not only be cautious about the nutrients and calories she is consuming, but also of foods and beverages that may affect the developing baby in the womb.

At Oomph Nutrition, We will design a specialized diet to optimize your health and your baby’s health to welcome A new life.

Lactation (Diet for Nursing mother)

As a new mom, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to eat a healthy diet. Even though you may be in a hurry to lose your pregnancy weight, regularly eating nutritious foods will boost your energy and stamina you need to be the best mom you can be. While breastfeeding, if you aren't getting the needed nutrients from your diet, your body will provide them to the baby from your own stores. But for your own well-being, it's best to make sure you're obtaining the nutrients your baby needs by incorporating a variety of healthy breastfeeding foods in your nursing mom food plan.A breastfeeding mother should also be cautious about the foods and beverages that may affect the baby.

We will plan diets that take care of your body needs and the baby’s dietary needs, while improving the nutritional value of your milk and helping the child gain weight and you loose weight in a healthy manner.


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