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A secret to good life is natural way to wellness with a combination of pure diet + exercise. NO Machines, NO pills, NO false claims. After all good things in life don’t come without a commitment.


With the socio economic progress while we see people are flying high in terms of their career on one hand while on the other hand many young professionals are scoring low in their personal lives in terms of Health & Overall Wellbeing. Stretched working hours, frequent eat-outs, Consumption of liquor & cigarettes, Overall stressed environment has become way of life. All these are killing our YOUNG GUNS gradually. Resulting in to Life threatening disease, lifestyle disease, disturbed personal lives and what not? Then you see infinite services & clinics to tackle these problems & disease. So all that you earned while in your 20’s & 30’s goes for medical treatment in your later life, well how simple it is if we tell that it’s all about Eating Right & being disciplined in terms of your life & health.
With www.oomph-nutrition.com we would like to make a healthy difference in the society by sticking to our routes & fundamentals of Eating right. It’s a science of the body.


We aim to make Health & Wellness available for common man in the most affordable & convenient way. We intend to incorporate Health & Wellness in your daily life in the most easy & effective way. We are committed to guide you throughout in your journey of rediscovering a new YOU in a holistic way.


You have a choice in what you’re made of... YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Our unique inside-out approach through wise Nutrition & Exercise ensures that the eternal YOU is fit in body, mind & spirit.


  • We design a unique programme only for YOU after personalized analysis of your lifestyle.
  • Unlimited access to Nutritionist.
  • No fads, No pills, No machine approach. We believe in making small changes in your lifestyle, still eating the foods you love, gain health while losing weight through pure Nutrition and exercise. Your Health is our priority.
  • Exclusively designed by keeping in mind WORKING EXECUTIVES & PROFESSIONALS who lack time for hitting the gym or diet clinics due to hectic schedule.
  • Extreme flexibility for access to dietitian through Online Chat, Email, SMS so that there is NO excuse this time for YOUR better health.

  • Determine your objective, choose from our various plans and Sign UP.
  • Based on your information received, you will get a call back from our expert who will guide you further.
  • In case you need our expert to recommend best suited plan for you than ask for a call back.
  • Our programmes are tailor-made to suit your requirements & lifestyle.
  • A notification will be sent over your registered email ID.
  • A customized diet plan & activity chart is prepared for you according to your food habits, daily routine, medical history, your likes & dislikes, lifestyle & daily activity level.
  • Diet plans & activity charts are reviewed regularly.
  • Disease specific guidelines are given if any, Eating out options of various cuisines, Recipes, Healthy Holiday guidelines are also provided.
  • You will also get regular Health related articles on your email.

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